When is it ever “Enough”? How to Know When You Are Enough!

You are enough. You are good enough, smart enough, and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone else anymore.

Great. Words to live by.

Then why do we push ourselves so hard? Always wanting more, wanting to be more, give more, spend more, have more?

I don’t know about you, but I have to remind myself all the time that I am okay just the way I am. Even though I’m not skinny enough or young enough or fast enough or whatever enough. I always want more. I push and push until I’m exhausted.

So just unplug for a little while. Take a break. Take it easy. Put your feet up. Sit at the pool and just do NOTHING.

Ask yourself “What is the most important things I can do for myself right now?” now go do that.

It might be take a nap, drink some water, or have a cookie. But go do it.

We should be happy as we move through our day, especially if we are self-employed. We should be able to allow ourselves the downtime we need. I do think, when we are our own boss, that we tend to drive ourselves hard, to push even harder and to not let up because we are wearing all the hats and doing every single thing that needs to be done.

I am there now. But reminding myself that I am enough, exactly as I am right now… in all my imperfections… is really the only way I can get through a day because the judging inside my head is always going to be there.

So let’s do ourselves a favor and go easy and take beaks and remember to have fun because we’re not getting out of this life alive….so we might as well enJOY the ride!




More Betterer – If You Knew Your #Business Would Improve Would You Still Take the Risk?

Sometimes, in life, we have to take risks. Calculated leaps of faith, in order to make big changes.

In April 2014 I took a big chance and moved to Portland Oregon to meet my soulmate. It paid off and we were married 10 weeks ago.AABeamWedding1

Now comes another opportunity to expand my business. I’ve had to dig deep to find the courage to woman-up to the challenge. Push past my own insecurities, do things that I’m not completely comfortable doing, and hold myself more accountable than ever before. And it’s paid off, but it isn’t always easy.

There are times, when you’re standing in your own power, that you’re going to piss off other people. They may find you to be a threat. You’re rising too fast for your britches. Maybe they think you need to be taught a lesson before you get all high and mighty on them. Or maybe you are scaring them because you’re doing something that they have wanted to do – but have not had the courage to go for it – yet.

When someone is showing petty jealousy, criticizing me, putting me down, trying to put me “in my place”, it does hurt and it does rattle me for sure, but what it also shows me is where they are at, in this moment. And who they really are – in this time in their life. Because they will eventually evolve, so I am not going to remember them always at the place they are right now. But it is definitely hard for me to hold my ground and stay in my power and keep moving forward when I can feel the nips at my heels and the little subtle attacks start to pile up. I just tell myself to keep going and keep glowing because eventually it will be better…. and those who are meant to be in my tribe will love what I’m doing, will cheer me on and will help me as I climb a little higher.

We’re not in this alone. At least we shouldn’t be. We have each other and the only way any of us are going to succeed in life is to be of service to one another. To show love. To be love and to give love. Anything less is less than anything you want. You deserve better. So does your family. So does your business. Step into your power. Shine your light as brightly as you want and know that we have your back. Here at B.L.I.N.G.™ we completely understand how difficult it is to run your own business while having all the stressors that life can throw you. With us as your Tribe, you are not alone. We’re right here along with you on this journey and the only way we’re going to get through it – is together.



April Beam, President & CEO

B.L.I.N.G.™ International & B.L.I.N.G.™ Myrtle Beach