Living in the Light

I live my life in the light. At least I try to. But I get distracted and into other things and sometimes forget that all I have to do is surrender to the higher power that guides my life. my light will shine brighter and serve others if i remember to do this.

Stay in the Light and All Will be Well.light

People tell me all the time that I glow. I believe that glow comes from the light within me.

I am perfectly imperfect in my attempt to live a positive and happy life.

Critical Mass

I’ve hit critical mass.

I have worked hard. I have tried so hard to be “perfect”. I have tried to do the right thing, think the right thoughts, be the right person and do the right kind of work. I have forgiven and forgotten and believed so that I could achieve. I have put my nose to the grindstone, gone without, worked my ass off and I have surrendered and accepted where I am in life. I have pushed through the pain and I have rested and relaxed and chilled out.

I have fricken done it all.

Believing that I was accepting myself the way I was. Believing that I was okay with being perfectly imperfect. I thought I had this tiger by the tail.

I even fell in love. I manifested my heart’s deepest desire and I met him and fell in love with him and married him. I cannot even express my complete and total shock that my manifestation technique actually worked.

I love our life. I love writing my books. I love coaching my clients. I love my house at the beach. I love my children and my grand-baby. I AM SO HAPPY!

….then why the hell am I so depressed?


I don’t know. But I suspect it has something to do with menopause. Yup. Like having a period all those decades, plus pregnancy and childbirth wasn’t enough – now  there’s menopause to deal with? Seriously?

So I want to know “HOW DO YOU COPE WITH MENOPAUSE?” because I sure as hell don’t know what I’m doing. Seriously I want to know… so please message me at okay? I want to know how to manage hormones, thyroid, sleeplessness, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, mood swings (from the chandelier), hot flashes, night sweats……..ohmygod the list goes on and on. How do you do work and business when you feel like this? Are you crying a lot? Do you feel depressed? How are you coping? I want to start a conversation about this. We are NOT talking enough about menopause. We talk more about the Kardashians then we do menopause – and chocbuffet

half of us are going through it (or going to go through it). I want to talk about this my friends!

Please fill this form out below…. I will read every message! Where do you get the best bio-identical hormones? What do you do with your moods? How do you handle sleeplessness, night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain…. hair thinning, weird moods. I mean it’s like someone hijacked my body and my mind. I don’t even recognize myself.  Please shed some light. I’d love to be enlightened. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write a book about it!




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