I Have a Kick-Ass Life!


You know, in spite of it all, I have a kick-ass life. Through trials, challenges, death, loss, grief, obstacles, illness, all kinds of crap – I have felt, at times, that I was drowning. There were times when my life … Continue reading

#Vulnerability is the New Black


being real, being raw and being open and vulnerable is hard work but the pay off is substantial and it will literally change and save the lives of others. and after all, isn’t that what we’re trying to do? save … Continue reading

Women and Perfection – Can We Really Do It All?


No pressure. Okay some pressure. I feel pressure because I am the President and CEO of BLING International and BLING Myrtle Beach. Running two companies at the same time is just a little stressful but the pressure is from me … Continue reading